Wendell Field

Born in Kalamazoo Michigan, Wendell Locke Field grew up on a dairy farm surrounded by lakes, woods, relatives and neighbors. In this idyllic place, he learned how to channel his curiosity into stillness and observation—the essential skill of a nature-oriented artist. Field considers this the “beautiful struggle” of art-making, the mission “to be, when everyone wanted me to do.” From Michigan, he moved to Laramie to study agricultural business at the University of Wyoming. Now, he lives in a yurt at the edge of Grand Teton National Park, an enclave reminiscent of his joyful childhood. “Living in Kelly—its soulfulness, proximity to nature and the mountains—is a huge blessing that constantly influences my work,” Field says. Beyond Wyoming, he has also spent time in New Mexico, and traveled extensively in Asia and South America. As well as oil painting, Field makes watercolors, block prints, sculpture and public art.