Travis Walker is a contemporary artist whose work has appeared in The Guardian, Forbes, Southwest Art, Mountain Living, Images West, Range, Greenwich Living, Jackson Hole Magazine, and Painters of Grand Teton National Park.  He is represented by Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, WY, and Scottsdale, AZ. Travis is the founder of the nonprofit Teton Artlab, an artist residency program based in the Greater Yellowstone area.  He studied Painting and Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Tyler School of Art.  He lives and works in Jackson, WY.


"A common subject in my work is the road, which represents our journey through life.  We start off staring down the lines of a road, and our entire lives we continue to follow the road to new places.  My fascination with roads led me to another symbol in my work: the trailer home. I have found so many of trailers scattered throughout the West that I have come to view them as representations of the American Dream, full of hope, uncertainty, and memory.”– Travis Walker


For the last ten years, Travis Walker has made landscape paintings about Jackson Hole, a place that never ceases to inspire him to pick up his brushes. He works on location, capturing the essence of the seemingly mundane scenes around town: a morning on the Elk Refuge, a decaying house with a fence made of skis, a vintage trailer park.  His work is influenced by the work of American regionalists Edward Hopper and Grant Wood, Japanese printmaking, and German Expressionism.


Guest Lecturer, Panel, and Visiting Artist:
National Endowment for the Arts 2010, Artist Communities Panelist
National Museum of Wildlife Art, 2012, Artist In Action Presenter
Grand Teton National Park Foundation 2013, Artist in The Park Series