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Ashley Collins

Echoes Of History
July 27, 2018
Ashley Collins

History lays beneath all of Ashley Collin’s paintings. History felt and charted, history personal and public. History both grand and gestural.  It is the echoes of history which inform her sweeping presentation of new paintings at Altamira Fine Art. 

Consider the anecdote underpinning the history of photography: In 1853, William Henry Fox Talbot created the first photo negative by way of tinkering with salt and silver nitrate—an image as humble as it was historic, imprinting the interior view of a simple latticed window at Lacock Abbey in England. For Collins, the takeaway was not so much the image but rather how the smallest gesture of a single individual can alter the world. Inspired by this profound anecdote, Collins wanted to paint in homage to this moment, to this astounding power we each possess.

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