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Robert Townsend

Once upon a time, California artist Robert Townsend bought some slides on eBay . . .
August 11, 2018
Robert Townsend

And follow her trail he does in his new paintings at Altamira and in a new documentary, My Indiana Muse, by Serena Creative, which is sweeping up awards at recent film festivals, including Best Short at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. On canvas and onscreen, Townsend conveys the magic of this midcentury-meets-modern fairy tale: how two lives, separated by time and place, can share the same joie de vivre. “I think she’s teaching a lesson—to me—about celebrating life,” Townsend says.


Altamira Fine Art is proud to feature an artist as intuitive and inspired as Townsend. Having spent decades diligently painting commonplace icons of the American landscape—neon signs, hotel billboards, old cars cast in a style influenced by the likes of Wayne Thiebaud and Robert Bechtle—he has finally found his raison d’être: To celebrate the joy of living the American dream, as Helen did every day. 


Wanderlust, his solo exhibition of new Helen paintings, opens on August 13, and he will attend an Artist ArtWalk Reception from 5 to 8pm on August 16.To close the memorable show on August 25, Townsend, the filmmakers,  and Helen’s niece Cheryl will present a screening of My Indiana Muse and host a Q&A following the film.For more information, please contact Altamira Fine Art by email (connect@AltamiraArt.com) or phone (307-739-4700). 

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