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Dennis Ziemienski

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August 26, 2018
Dennis Ziemienski

Such was his approach to creating the 2018 Fall Arts Festival poster painting. Ever drawn to the awesome scale of the Tetons, he considered the personalities bordering the well-worn lore of the Wild West—the heroines of Jackson Hole. Casting his daughter, a lifelong rider, as muse (as he often does), he rendered a cowgirl and her horse en route home. The pair pause in the Snake River, muzzle playfully submerged and hat brim meditatively upturned to the Tetons.


The restorative scene stems from a river trip Ziemienski took years ago with his wife. A California native turned world traveler, he has been visiting the valley since his twenties. That summer day, he left his camera behind, choosing to immerse himself in the experience on the Snake. The adventure imprinted on his memory; recalling the power of the river felt like wading within an enduring eddy.  


Reflection runs through all his new work at Altamira—the vitality and variation of water itself in the American West. Whether welled in portending clouds, cascading over falls, or pooling around bison, water provides the plot line, the animating force of the account, not the humans set to small scale. It’s the Water that compels his characters forward, from the past into the future.


It’s the Water, our exhibition of new work by Dennis Ziemienski, runs from September 10 to 22 at Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, with a reception and Fall Arts Festival poster signing held from 4 to 7pm on September 12. For more information on the exhibit, please contact Altamira Fine Art by email (connect@AltamiraArt.com) or phone (307-739-4700). 

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