David Michael Slonim | Wavelength

21 May - 2 June 2018 Jackson

David Michael Slonim | Wavelength


Lately, David Michael Slonim has been reflecting on silence-the silence he feels in nature, the silence he finds in mundane moments, tugging the garbage bin down his long Indiana driveway at night. Silence both calm and quiet. Silence as a state of being.  "The same thing happens in the studio when I am painting away," he says. "The colors start to harmonize, the paintings start to breathe. A calm settles over. It becomes a visual oasis."


As Slonim hopes Altamira will become as well in the presence of Wavelength. True to its title, this collection of new paintings explores the communicative potential of art-both in practice and in presentation-how art can translate the essence of nature. "I became an abstract painter by staring at nature and painting it for 25 years, gradually becoming fascinated by the structures and rhythms beneath surface appearances," he says. "Now instead of painting what nature looks like, I paint what it feels like."




See the exhibition at our Jackson Hole gallery May 21 through June 2, 2018.


Pre-sales available. Call (307) 739-4700 or email connect@altamiraart.com for more details.