David Grossmann | Autumn : Artist Reception: September 13, 2-4pm

10 - 22 September 2018 Jackson

Solo Exhibition | Jackson Hole, WY

Altamira Fine Art Jackson is pleased to present a solo exhibition for David Grossmann opening September 10, 2018.


Join us for a reception Thursday afternoon, September 13th, from 2-4pm and meet the artist.


Ever attuned to nature, Grossmann spends much of the fall painting en plein air, recording its swift beauty. On that memorable walk, he vowed to create a series of seasonal paintings. The result, on view at Altamira Fine Art from September 10 to 22, is an homage to the palette and patterns of his favorite season: “Many of these paintings have quiet progressions in them, shifts of color and implied motion. Green leaves turn to yellow then orange and then the branches are empty. Patterns of falling leaves trace their way across landscapes and over skies with rhythms that speak of the approach of winter.”

In the field, Grossmann paints intensely, working to forge a connection with the place in which he stands. Grateful for the opportunity to observe the landscape, he renders his gratitude in watchful detail, subtle shifts in light, weather, his own emotions. Reflexive and reflective, his studies render his relationship to nature—in that focused moment and his resolved practice.

“There is a consuming intensity to it, which can be very inspiring or very frustrating,” he says, even though the latter can lead to the most rewarding results: when insects swarm and heat boils in summer; when winter numbs his fingertips or spring pelts him with rain.

The intensity of his en plein air excursions juxtaposes the patience of his studio practice. Inside, he surrounds himself with his studies, meditates on standout and subtle elements, and from these starting points, begins to compose a larger scene. “Sometimes my studio paintings are inspired by specific places, yet they are always a combination of memory, reality, and imagination,” he says.

By example, Grossmann encourages viewers to pause, watch and listen to nature; to put aside distractions and conflicts with self and surrounds; to focus on stillness; to be and believe in beauty.


“Autumn,” the exhibition of Grossmann’s new paintings, runs from September 10 to 22 at Altamira Fine Art, with a reception held from 2 to 4pm on September 13.


Pre-sales available.



For more information on the exhibit, please contact Altamira Fine Art by email (connect@AltamiraArt.com) or phone (307-739-4700).