September Vhay | September in September : Artist Reception during Palettes and Palates: Friday, September 10, 5-8pm

1 - 19 September 2021

Solo Exhibition | Jackson, WY

Altamira Fine Art Jackson is pleased to present a new exhibition for September Vhay.


Please join us for an Artist Reception Friday, September 10th from 5-8pm and meet the artist.


 September in September


Simplicity and scale. Simplicity at scale. Subtle differences in meaning become subtle mastery of composition in September Vhay’s new series of charcoals. Her consideration of these two concepts courses through the work: simplicity, palpably expressed in her decision to remove the immediacy of color by focusing on the value and composition communicated by the black charcoal on white paper. For Vhay, this approach recalls a paraphrased missive: Value and composition do all the work while color and subject matter get all the credit. “I’m removing the emotion of color,” she says, and adding the impact of scale, as evidenced in a life-sized eagle, its six-foot-wingspan unfurled in flight toward the viewer. “The details confront you." To make simplicity at such scale truly work, gesture—profound and patient—must be present. Gesture resolves the questions she asks herself: “What am I saying? What am I expressing? The eagle and the owl are about flight,” she says, tracing the gestural through line of each distilled work. Another piece features a horse and a hummingbird. “The appaloosa has a curious look on his face; he’s having a dialogue with the hummingbird. It’s a graphic composition. The gesture is connection.”


“When the composition is minimal, whatever you are saying is heard more loudly,” she says. “With so few moves, each mark carries more meaning.”


The medium, too, becomes all the more important. “I find the immediacy of charcoal to be freeing,” she says. “I love the simplicity of it, of working with just carbon and paper. These are final pieces done in a medium generally used for studies.” As such, each composition channels the palpable sense of discovery often found in a study as well as the artist’s close connection to her subjects. An avid equestrian, Vhay realized that, while using a rag to achieve the texture of fur on the appaloosa, she was making the same circular gesture as she does when brushing her horses. She even thought to herself, “Now I’ll do the other side. My brain jumped to the real act.”


A simple gesture, lovingly made in life, replicated on paper, at scale.


More images coming soon.


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