Altamira welcomes Todd Kosharek and Contemporary Dance Wyoming

Altamira Fine Art Jackson will showcase new work by artist Todd Kosharek artist in his latest installment of The Perception Project. A dance performance by Contemporary Dance Wyoming will be performed at 6:30pm, and there will be refreshments provided by Upslope Brewing and the Fine Dining Group.


“Duality” is a series of paintings exploring the paper origami crane, a universally accepted symbol of peace, in abstract settings. In each, the perception of the crane varies according to the setting. The paintings ask the question: How can we ever have something such as ‘peace’ if everyone’s perception of peace is different?



Todd Kosharek has been devoted to painting since he was a young child. At the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, he pursued a BFA in painting for two years before focusing his degree on art history, specifically late eighteenth to middle twentieth century painting. Through these studies, he learned not only various approaches to technique, color theory, tonality and composition, but also about the importance of art with in the fabric of society and how this has changed through out the ages. This understanding has been an important factor in his choosing of subject matter.



Todd continues his study of art history while painting routinely in his home studio in Jackson, Wyoming, working on many various pieces at a time.

Todd is quoted saying, “I am fascinated by symbolism, how things can vary in meaning from person to person. I love the versatility of the origami paper crane: one paper crane means this, a thousand cranes means something different. I have found creative freedom to explore memory, time, perception, peace and its history, religion, and inheritance all through exploring origami cranes in various settings.”



Kosharek has captured the attention of many private collectors, and in 2009 his painting “Western Cathedral” was purchased through the Wyoming Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibition. His work is in private collections throughout the United States and France.

The event, “Duality” is Free and Open to the public, attendance before 6:30pm is encouraged as to not miss out on the dance performance. 

March 1, 2016