Geoffrey Gersten, "The Same Way Twice, Forever"

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January 10, 2023


January 10 – 21, 2023


Altamira Fine Art Scottsdale is pleased to present a new solo exhibition for Geoffrey Gersten to kick off the New Year. 


Join us for an Artist Reception Thursday evening, January 12th from 7-9pm, during the Scottsdale ArtWalk. 



For Geoffrey Gersten, precision precedes his current penchant for destruction: he paints with meticulous realism, honoring every detail defined by his vintage source imagery, before taking a bristle brush to the entire composition. The result: Marred marks still reminiscent of their immaculate origins, a blurriness akin to memory.

Ever challenging himself, this moment in his practice seems to push his tolerance for balancing control and chaos to its absolute limits. “I have a bad habit of painting everything too sharply because that’s what I know how to do,” the artist says, with humor and humility. “I have to be brave to make something not so sharp… 

“The paintings have to be tight before they can be blurred,” he says. “The jumping off point remains the mark. Your brain still picks up on the details and reads them as realistic, even if smeared.”

Gersten embodies the dichotomy of precision and intuition inherent in his art. Long attuned to geometric exactitude, he also nurtures an affinity for experimentation. “I always have to evolve, I can never stay the same,” he says. Beyond the bristle brush, he’s also testing out sanding techniques, again painting full scenes only to sand away segments down to the white canvas.


This new work builds on his ongoing conceptual hypothesis that art functions as a bridge between the individual and the ideal, the lens through which everyday moments take on the scale and the significance of the iconic. By his brush, subtle acts become symbolic of greater truths, a gesture akin to love writ large on silver screens. 

In his compositions, Hollywood vignettes read as accessible and vice versa; mundane moments convey glamour. And, in this exhibition iteration, all exist in the same, smeared state of subjectivity. As such, his current subjects vary widely—from posed cowboys to beach scenes and a prescient marquee—a “stream-of-consciousness” curation linked by technique. For Gersten, the work speaks to the existential nature of art: how a two-dimensional painting can transcend its physicality to become something symbolic by the hand of the artist, in the eyes of the viewer. “A painting is a tactile thing, but it seems to suggest the nuances of life,” he says. And, according to this new series, such nuance can reference life’s complications. “Along the way, everything gets blurred in a moral sense.”


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