Jared Sanders, "Unknown Horizons"

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July 19, 2022


july 19 – 30, 2022

Altamira Fine Art Jackson is pleased to present a solo exhibition for Jared Sanders opening July 19. 2022.


Please join us for the Artist Reception during the ArtWalk, Thursday, July 21st from 5-8pm.



In this moment, Jared Sanders finds himself drawn to compositions without a well-defined horizon line, scenes that defy the definitive split between land and sky, earth and ether.


“In a landscape painting, the horizon line is where the ground ends and the sky begins,” he says. “That point of separation can dominate the canvas. So my goal is to create landscapes that use the horizon line in a way that serves the composition but does not overpower it, or compositions that have no horizon line at all.”


This indeterminacy makes room for other painterly elements to take primacy like texture and tone. No longer is the eye resting on the horizon as orientation; instead it turns to more ethereal aspects for resolution. “The right surface quality and depth of color tells me when a painting is finished,” Sanders says. “This is also the painterly quality that I am looking for. Whether it’s loose or static, each application of paint needs to enhance the surface and color.”


The unknown, the mysterious, the unexplained: all realms evoked by his new paintings. “The underlying theme for this body of work is a unique perspective or way of seeing things.”


Pre-sales available. Contact the gallery for details, (307) 739-4700, connect@altamiraart.com.