Robert Moore, "A Simple Order"

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June 7, 2022


june 7 – 18, 2022


Altamira FIne Art Jackson is pleased to present a new exhibition from Robert Moore, June 7-18, 2022.


Please join us for an Artist Reception, Thursday, June 9 from 5:30-7:30pm. 




Robert Moore explores the duality of nature: after setting a foundation of masses and progressions based on natural order, he embraces the freedom of tonal juxtaposition and intrusion.


“I’m not working with a mass of foliage or leaves,” the painter says. “As long as I abide by an order to the colors and the light source and by the foundation of linking masses, I experience a freedom of expression akin to the delight of what happens out in creation when you see variety everywhere you look. The shapes become dynamic and the color feels like frosting.”

With each painting, Moore decides what season he wants to evoke, unfettered by palette according to his experience of being colorblind. “It’s all about the shapes and the abstract qualities of the reference image. I’m looking at a shape with a major and a minor component that has a certain relationship with the background. The arrangement of those dark and light masses is the foundation. Once I have the foundation, I can start the fun part—the building of color layers.”


When approaching winter, Moore hones in on neutrals and their stepping. “I see how far I can push pieces of intensity within those masses and still achieve winter’s wonderful sense of restraint. In contrast, fall is pedal to the metal and I can celebrate that intensity of hues.”

His new work at Altamira includes several large vertical scenes. “With these large-scale paintings I have chosen to focus on fewer elements. This allows me to simplify the composition and concentrate on the color harmonies within the value masses."

Moore takes his own reference photos. “I love opening my photographs in Photoshop, zooming in on the pixels and the thousands of different progressions of color, finding the strangers that interrupt the flow and surprise me with discord. No matter the tint of the sunglasses you wear, your eyes recognize the order of nature as beautiful.”


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