Group Exhibition, "Vivid Curiosity"

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May 1, 2022


May 1 – 21, 2022

Altamira Jackson is pleased to present a group exhibition to kick off the season. May 1-21 the gallery will be showcasing new works from multiple gallery artists in a range of styles.



Spring freshens perspectives and palettes, coloring our alpine landscape with hope and personality. The world beyond our walls beckons with swathes of young green, bunches of amethyst blooms, and clusters of canary yellow. Just as creatures inquisitively reemerge, so too do our artists, each bringing their own fresh lens.


All of the artists participating in our group show bear witness to pivotal transitions both subtle and surprising. All share scenes brimming with vivid inquiry. Mary Roberson channels her attunement to natural signals by considering vernacular structures in spring situ: acabin trimmed in Robin’s Egg blue; a barn bordered by busy chickens. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Gersten imagines the graphic factors that influence Western renewal, and David Michael Slonim considers the paradigm shift of seasonal palettes. Travis Walker plays with the phenomenology of summer in Jackson: a street still life of cars queuing behind a stagecoach. Howard Post paints landscapes defined by iconography set in high contrast. All work brimming anew.


To welcome summer, to open wide our doors and minds, we welcome such inspired and inspiring new works.


More images coming soon. Presales availlable.


For more details please contact the gallery,, (307) 739-4700.