Group Exhibition, "Spring Fling"

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May 16, 2023


New work from gallery artists May 16- June 3, 2023


As the cloak of winter folds back, the Tetons emerge besotted with spring. A giddiness pervades, from the frolicking first steps of newborn mammals to the green flush coloring the valley floor. Life begins anew, and such renewal runs wild in the imaginations of our artists. Thus inspired, we present a group show of fresh, exuberant paintings. 


Travis Walker considers the irony of culture abutting nature, while Erica Vhay abstracts the dynamic intimacy of people and place. Memory frames the contemplative scenes James Bason paints of his native Montana. Rich with metaphor and meaning, the layered canvases of Robert McCauley cast wild creatures as contemporary truth-tellers. Similarly situated, Mary Roberson explores the nuance of living in concert with natural beings and beauty. Meanwhile, Tim Horn heralds the profundity of reflective surfaces and shadows, and Jared Sanders spotlights the quiet significance of iconic forms in situ. 


Brimming with inspiration, our artists celebrate the vitality of spring, and cue up the sensation of summer.